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Welcome to my world of wildlife!

Wildlife Woods is a site where you can purchase prints, get tips on wildlife photography and ethical tourism, or simply to enjoy photographs of the wonderful creatures that inhabit our beautiful planet.

I’m a wildlife photographer and writer from the United Kingdom who is currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. I arrived here after spending several years in Africa, including South Africa where I gained my FGASA Safari Guiding License in 2013, and Rwanda, where I worked for three years with a humanitarian non-profit organization. My favourite places for wildlife that I’ve visited thus far are Indonesia, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

Most of my work features animals in their natural habitat, though some are of subjects living in sanctuaries based in their native countries. In such cases, I always conduct extensive research in order to ensure that the animals are there for good reason, and that animal welfare standards are practiced to the highest degree.

Further, my experiences have allowed me to gain insight into the world of wildlife tourism, and I share advice on ethical practices through my blog in addition to tips on where to best observe wild animals in their natural environment.

Throughout my journey, I have been lucky enough to have captured photographs of some of the most iconic species on Earth. My work has featured in several exhibitions and magazines over the past few years and my prints adorn the walls of many peoples' homes.

I have active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Presently, my camera of choice is the Canon 7D Mark ii.

All of my processing takes place in Adobe Lightroom, and as a purist I prefer to keep all of my images as natural as possible without the use of cloning and retouching.

If I could offer one tip it would be to stay with your subject for as long as possible. Most of my best shots tend to come an hour or so after the initial encounter.

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